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Play the Game - Golf Instruction.

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Thank you for visiting the PLAY THE GAME GOLF web site. I'm CHUCK CASTOR, creator and owner of PLAY THE GAME GOLF SCHOOL in Lakeland, Florida.

Is there really a "secret" to the golf swing? I don't think so. I believe that there is so much conflicting golf instruction out there that it confuses any golfer who seriously wants to improve. For example: Did you know that you swing the golf club with your belt buckle? What is clubface awareness? Is swing path really all that important? All those questions are valid, but it really does help to finally understand the basic concepts of what it takes to make an effective golf swing? I will tell you right now, that there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing. There is a golf swing that will work effectively for you most of the time. That swing is unique to you; all we have to do is find it. Ben Hogan said, "You have to dig your swing out of the dirt on the practice tee." Together, my students and I discover the correct way to dig. There are no "gimmies".

An effective golf swing takes advantage of gravity and centrifugal force while swinging the club around your center. This can be easily accomplished once the golfer has paid close attention to the "set up". A proper "set up" is defined by GA/ASP (Grip, Aim/Alignment, Stance and Posture). To learn how to properly do those things it takes professional guidance. If that weren't true tour players would not have coaches.

The great Ben Hogan once said "Most golf shots are missed before a player ever makes a backswing." So true! The majority of golfers have no concept of what an EFFECTIVE SWINGING MOTION is all about. What I see are golfers hitting at the ball rather than as Nick Faldo once commented,"You must swing the golf club back and then through impact, allowing the club head to capture the ball and send it to the target." The key word there is swing, not hit.

Call me or send me an E-mail and set up a lesson series. WE WILL FIX whatever is interfering with your ability to play better golf and have some fun doing it.

Chuck Castor - Director of Instruction

"Hay Chuck, after our session, I spent an hour on posture, stance and grip. Came back last night and spent an hour chipping with 7 iron, Pw, and Sw, this am Sun saw u leaving , spent an hour on chipping green first 54 balls 7 iron then Sw, m I very to driving range to finish, love that feeling of the pendulum no effort let gravity take its course and amazing no feel and great distance and height . Tuff week as dark early , so it will be practicing drill set up, raise , back, up and through . THX FOR EVERYTHING. Mark."
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Cell phone # 863 398 1995